This is the most comprehensive tutorial on the Django framework online.

High scalability, versatility, security, rapid development, well-structured and detailed documentation are some features that make the Django framework one of the best and most consistent web frameworks in the industry.

With Django, there is only one way to do things, “The Django Way”.

Yes, Django is built to force you to follow industry-standard ways of developing web applications.

The advantage this has is that working with Django will make you a better developer.

The downside is that it doesn’t give room for some flexibility with the sister framework Flask.

As a Data Analyst, building an end to end project for your portfolio is as important as learning the skills and tools.

Learn ===> Apply ===> Grow is one flow I would always advise every newbie to follow in the industry.

In this article, I will walk you through my thought process from the point where I thought of the project to build to the point of visualization of the data.

I will be heavy on thought process and light on knowledge of the tools and programming language I used.

First, I want to build an end to end project…


In this article, we will be discussing the design and modeling of a private home lesson database under the sections below:

Please note: This database design is completely different from conventional school management system. Some of the terminologies do not mean the same as the ones you know in school management system. So I will advise that you please kindly clear your mind and fasten your seatbelt as I drive you through this path.

1) Introduction
2) Business Rules
3) Lucidchart Basics
4) Conceptual Stage
5) Logical Stage
6) Physical Stage
7) Conclusion


When creating or designing databases for…

As the biggest search engine in the world, you can be sure that Google is one stop place for any form of data.

One would ask, if this is so, how come marketers and data analysts who want to use Google Analytics most likely need to own their websites and drive either paid or organic traffic in order to have enough data to make some good data driven decisions for their marketing?

Well, that time is over. Right now you no longer need to have a website before you can learn or even teach Google analytics. …

Starting or switching to a new career as a data professional can be very intimidating. At some point we all faced this stunning reality of the path to follow.

On my own part, I started with the big name “Data Science” without even knowing the true responsibilities of a data scientist. But when I did, I had to retreat and asked myself what I wanted.

After a time of research, I knew I needed a direct application of my Mathematics skills without heavy coding, yet be part of the persons that advice or make decisions that move a business forward…

In a LinkedIn live session with George Firican, I asked, how do I get everyone to ensure the correctness and quality of data around them? His response was so encouraging.

You can access the video here.

If you would like to follow up with his weekly Good Data Morning Show, please kindly follow him on LinkedIn.

Year on year, bad data cost businesses and big industries millions of dollars.

Apart from the effect of poor data-driven decisions, the cost of man-hour wasted in cleaning data can be converted into something more important and productive in the organization.

If your ETL…

The world of data is fast growing that more than half of the entire data we have for analysis today actually come from the last 5years. Think about what data would be like in the next 10years.

Data Analytics and Data Science have been touted as the “sexiest job”. Some use the tagline “Data is the new oil”. Although majority of us in the industry don’t buy the later concept, however, we do agree that of all the tech related branch, only data remains when all is done and gone.

Programming languages come and go, frameworks reign and extinct. While…

Kingsley Ihemere

A Data Analyst/Backend Engineer, I build and analyze with Python(Django & FastAPI), JavaScripts(Vue.js), SQL, Excel, Google Cloud Platform, Power BI & Tableau.

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